Seed time…

The recordings pages are up to date this morning.  I’ve just added the a recording from our Bible class series, Churches of Christ – Who Are We?, and another sermon in the series, Paul to the Corinthians.

Pick up some seeds!

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Are you sowing the seed…?

I’m a little slow this week, but the sermon and Bible class hoppers have now received their weekly deposits.  Good listening!

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A new bag of seed…

I’m a little ahead of the curve this week in filling the hoppers.  Yesterday’s sermon and class are uploaded and the links have been published.  Check out the first sermon in a new series, Paul to the Corinthians, as well as the latest addition to the Bible Class series, Churches of Christ – Who Are We?

Happy listening!

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Mustard seeds, wheat seeds, flower seeds, …..

Yes, that means the week’s sermon and Bible class recordings have been uploaded.  Newest in the hopper are an addition to the Sunday night series from Luke’s Gospel and the most recent sessions of our two adult classes (Churches of Christ – Who Are We? and The Letter to the Ephesians).

Our Spring Gospel Meeting begins at Lake Shore Drive this Sunday, so the next entries for these classes and sermon series will come after April 13th.  We’ll add a page for the Gospel Meeting, also, so you can share in the good stuff we have enjoyed.

I hope the Kingdom is growing where you live.

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Recordings are springing up everywhere!

Yes, this means I have updated the sermons for the week.  The entry for Relationships 101, “Bring Them Up In The Lord,” marks the conclusion of this series.  The entry under Luke’s Gospel is, “Curing Fake Religion” from Luke 11-12.  And the fourth lesson in our Adult Bible class series, “Churches of Christ -Who Are We?” has been entered on that page; I think you’ll find that discussion of the steps into salvation to be helpful.

I always test the links for these lessons, but let me know if you have trouble with any of them.  I have noticed that it is occasionally necessary to close the tab and open it again before the lesson begins to play, so please try more than once.

I hope these lessons help you walk more closely with the Father and his Son.

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Sprouting Sermons and Classes…

Once again the sermons pages are up-to-date.  I just posted the next-to-last lesson in our Relationships 101 series, “What About The Kids?”  Also brought up to date are the two Bible class series, “Ephesians” and “Churches of Christ:  Who Are We?”

I hope you find these helpful.

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Sowing, sowing, sowing… (to the tune of Rawhide theme)

I have just updated the sermons pages, so everything is up-to-date through March 9th.  We had a computer glitch, so a few recordings are missing (one from the Luke series and one from the Relationships series).  The church tech gurus (my heroes) have worked on the machine and (we all hope) have things straightened out.

A new page appears this week for Bible Classes at Lake Shore Drive.  We have started recording our Adult classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday night, and I think you will find this material worth your listening time.

As always, please let me know if links don’t work.  May God bless your listening!

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More Sermons; From West to East

I have updated the two current sermon series with new recordings.  The third lesson in the “Relationships 101” series, “What Is Marriage?” is available on that series page.  The Gospel of Luke series is now up to date with the addition of the lesson from January 12th, “Listen To Him” from Luke 9.  I pray that you find them helpful.


I will be away for the next two weeks, so these series won’t be updated again until February 9th.  This Friday, I’ll be traveling with another member from Lake Shore Drive to Pasadena, California, to visit a small congregation there.  We’ll be gathering information to help us make decisions about a possible mission trip, consisting of Lake Shore Drive members, to help this congregation in July.

Nancy and I will be traveling to Tennessee on January 31st.  The purpose of this trip is to drink up the spiritual nourishment offered at the Annual Freed-Hardeman University Bible Lectureship.  We look forward to this feast each year.

See you when we get back… !


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Relationships 101

We began a new sermon series this morning at Lake Shore Drive.  This one is called “Relationships 101” and its purpose is to bring to light God’s instructions for being His kind of people in all of our relationships, especially within our families.  The first lesson (It’s Not All About Me) was well received at Lake Shore Drive this morning; I hope you enjoy listening, and I hope these lessons will help you strengthen your families, maybe even correct your own attitudes and behaviors, and relate better with all of the people God has placed into your life.

I have also updated the other sermon series pages, so check out the final lesson from the “God Is…” series and the most recent lessons from the Gospel of Luke.

To find these sermons, click on the “Sermons” button at the bottom of the banner, then follow the list down to the series you want.  You can also find the sermon series listing near the bottom of the right-hand column of this blog page, under “Hoppers In The Bin”.

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Keeping the Sermons rolling…

I don’t always get a post up when I do it, but I have been updating the sermons recordings on an almost-consistent basis.  They are up to date, and there is a new page with recordings for the current series at Lake Shore Drive, “God Is…”

Happy listening!

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