Off to Africa…

Well, not actually off to Africa just yet.  I do want to let you know, though, that Nancy and I are planning another mission trip to Zimbabwe for two weeks beginning next June 15th.

Yes, I’m letting you know now for the same two reasons you are already thinking.  First, it’s not too early for you to start sharing in this mission trip by praying for us.  Pray for our preparation.  Pray for a peaceful atmosphere in Zimbabwe.  Pray for open, receptive hearts when the message of Christ is preached.  Pray that our interactions with the Zimbabwe church leaders and preachers will build them up for their work.  And yes, please pray for our safety.

Second, it’s not to early for us to start seeking financial assistance for this trip.  Many of you have very generously helped us with our work in Zimbabwe, and we thank you for your participation.  If you can help us again, or if you can help us for the first time, read the support request letter at this link (Wheats’ 2015 Support Letter) and follow the instructions for sending support.  Feel free also, whether you personally can help us financially or not, to share our letter with others who may be interested and able to do so.  We need to be ready to purchase tickets in February, so let us hear from you soon!

Thank you for reading my stuff!



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