Relationships 101

We began a new sermon series this morning at Lake Shore Drive.  This one is called “Relationships 101” and its purpose is to bring to light God’s instructions for being His kind of people in all of our relationships, especially within our families.  The first lesson (It’s Not All About Me) was well received at Lake Shore Drive this morning; I hope you enjoy listening, and I hope these lessons will help you strengthen your families, maybe even correct your own attitudes and behaviors, and relate better with all of the people God has placed into your life.

I have also updated the other sermon series pages, so check out the final lesson from the “God Is…” series and the most recent lessons from the Gospel of Luke.

To find these sermons, click on the “Sermons” button at the bottom of the banner, then follow the list down to the series you want.  You can also find the sermon series listing near the bottom of the right-hand column of this blog page, under “Hoppers In The Bin”.

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