Zimbabwe, 2013!

Yes, we’re at it again.  The planning machine is rolling for Nancy and me to make another mission trip to Zimbabwe, Lord willing, in July.  At least one other person has said they want to go, and there is room for more (any takers? send me an email at bobbygwheat@gmail.com).

So, here we are, back on the fund-raising trail.  If you would like to help, or would just like to read the letter so you will be more fully informed, click here.

Zimbabwe continues to suffer economic and political trials.  People there are hoping for ratification of a new constitution later this year, to be followed by elections for new leaders.  While you are praying for us to raise funds and have a safe and productive journey, please continue to pray for the people of that beautiful country.

It is wonderful for us and our work to see that enthusiasm for the Gospel has only increased in Zimbabwe.  We are looking forward to sharing what we can to help Zimbabwe Christians grow and reach others for Christ in their own communities.

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