Happy New Year!

Wow!  How did 2012 get here so quickly?

Obviously, I have been too busy with teaching classes and taking classes to get together anything worthwhile to post.  So, here I am, posting briefly a link to another letter asking for more money.

We are raising money so we can accompany several FHU students to Zimbabwe on a 4-week mission trip.  They (and we) will have opportunities to teach the Bible, to worship with and encourage Zimbabwean Christians, and get some “hands-on” experience in some benevolence work.

This will be a great help for these students as they think about what their future service in God’s Kingdom might entail.

Please follow the link (here) to a letter that explains our plans and our financial needs for this work.  And please pray for us!

Before the next semester starts, I’ll be back to write a little more about our experience to date at FHU.  Suffice it for the moment to know that we are really happy about what we have done and experienced since August.  God has blessed us richly!

God bless!

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