Happy Mothers’ Day

I am occasionally asked to write the Saturday “preacher” editorial in the local paper.  This is what I sent in for yesterday’s paper.

Mothers Do Best

Mother.  The word conjures up images of food-laden tables, cozy living rooms, warm kitchens and hand-sewn garments – all the elements of comfortable home-life.  I also think of other things that mothers do: cleaning scraped knees, kissing hurt fingers, counseling broken hearts, coaching sports and coaching life.  Some things are done best by mothers.

Today, more mothers are required to provide all these “traditional” mother-acts and also help earn the living for the family.  It’s interesting that mothers can step into traditional male roles better than men can step into traditional “mothering” roles.  Some things are done best by mothers.

Centuries ago, Hannah prayed that God would give her a son, promising that she would dedicate that child to His service.  She received what she wanted – a son.  She did what she promised – she gave Samuel to God.  Samuel served well as a boy, and he led a nation as a man.  If his mother had not kept her promise, he would not be remembered as one ofIsrael’s greatest judges.  Some things are done best by mothers.

Centuries later, a young mother delivered a son in a stable.  She nurtured him and raised him to adult-hood.  As he became a public figure and was subject to scorn and ridicule, she and her other children sought to take him home and protect him.  And when ridicule became hatred that led to his suffering and crucifixion, she stood as near as she could to his cross.  Some things are done best by mothers.

Honor your mother today for the things she does.  No one could do them better.

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