>Writer's Block

>Nancy and I went to the “Writer’s Workshop” at the FHU Lectures.  It was an appropriate choice – after all, each of us has written articles and other things.  We listened to Aubrey Johnson talk about “why” and “how”, and Neil Anderson talked to the group about many things from the publisher’s point of view.  One thing that came up over and over was the importance of just making oneself write “something”.  So, here I am, just writing “something”.  I suppose that was the reason for reviving the blog – I need to write, and I need someone “looking over my shoulder, so to speak, pushing me on.
I don’t know what causes writer’s block, but I know it is real.  A few years ago, there was always something bouncing around in my head that I needed to write down; lately, there seems to be very little.  Is it “life” that gets in the way?  Have difficult experiences whittled down the confidence I once felt that what I wanted to say was worth saying and worth someone’s time to read?  Or did I just get tired?
No answers surfaced when I posed those questions.  So, I’ll go back to the workshop suggestions — I’ll just write, and trust that something sensible will arise from the jumble of thoughts that trickle out.
Oh, and thanks to all who “blog” and don’t seem to mind letting other people look into their heads and hearts.  I appreciate the example!

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3 Responses to >Writer's Block

  1. cthoward says:

    Hey Bobby, you didn’t happen to get copies of those writer’s sessions in audio, did you? I would be interested in listening to them. FHU has most of the lectures for download on iTunes, but they don’t have those sessions on there.

    • Bobby says:


      Clint, I just ordered the recordings myself. The link above takes you to the FHU recording services catalog for the 2011 lectures. The 3 lessons are Why Write, What to Write and How to Write – listed alphabetically. If you don’t want to order them yourself, I’ll be glad to loan you mine later.

      • cthoward says:

        Thanks for the link. I may borrow them from you, and then buy them later if I want copies of my own for later reference. But, I’m in no hurry, so whenever you get done with them and can bring them to a camp board meeting or something will be great.

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